Pura Vida Ride Open - and Rock'in!

August 21, 2019

Pura Vida ride opened for business last week and is doing great!   Stand-up Paddleboarding, kayaking, mountain biking, snorkelling, and other adventures await. Here is a list of group activities that are currently underway:

  • Sunday:   Stand up paddleboard with Jake!   Enjoy the ocean on Sunday morning with friends on a paddleboard.   Meet at 8:00am at Playa Danta to paddle around the islands and practice for the race coming up on June 18th!
  • Tuesday:   Coming soon!   7am Mountain Bike with Tyler!   We have some beautiful new trails that are ready for exploring on a bike.   PVR has all new mountain bikes and a great guide to show you the way around Las Catalinas.
  • Thursday:    7am.  Come and enjoy a morning swim with Martyn to the island and back.   This is invigorating and starts your day off right!   PVR has life jackets if you need them. 1 mile round trip.
  • Saturday:   Running group with Amy and Tyler.   They will have 2 pace groups that will guide you through the trails.   Meet at 7 to run!

And of course, the big Robert August Stand-up Paddle Challenge is coming up on June 18.   For more details go to www.puravidaride.com. See you there!