Starting a New Chapter

February 23, 2024

Sofia and Peter's Journey to Home Ownership in Las Catalinas 


Sofia Brown and Peter McCann, a couple based in New York, have recently purchased Montaña Flats, the newest release in El Prado. We are excited to introduce them to the community. Sofia and Peter's story is a tale of childhood crushes, long-distance romance, and soon, a beautiful home in their dream destination – Las Catalinas, Costa Rica. Both hailing from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sofia always had a soft spot for Peter since third grade, even penning about him in her diary with dreams of marriage. Fate played its hand when they started dating in their final year of high school in 2012, despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship when Peter moved to New York City. 


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Their journey took a romantic turn during a Sunday morning on the hiking trail in Las Catalinas last November when Peter proposed to Sofia, deviating from his original plan of a Romeo and Juliet-style proposal in town. Enchanted by town’s charm, they also decided to tie the knot beachfront on Playa Danta next February 22nd, with a reception at Castillo de Lilo. 




Their love for Las Catalinas grew as they explored the town's beauty during the rest of their visit. Sofia and Peter noticed town was expanding, and an encounter with Brian, one of the senior members of the Residential Sales Team, led them to envision starting a life in town after he took them for a tour. They were drawn to the thoughtful architecture, cobblestone streets, and colorful storefronts which collectively form what the couple described as a "fairytale charm." 


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Investing in their dream, the couple became one of the youngest buyers in Montaña Flats, an enclave of thirty-eight two or three-bedroom flats that offer a contemporary living experience with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. The Montaña Flats are a perfect blend of size and aesthetics for their needs, and Sofia and Peter decided to purchase property in Costa Rica before purchasing in their home in New York. The breathtaking view, tiered architecture, and close-knit community resonated deeply with them.  




The pair delights in strolling along the winding streets and uncovering hidden gems while bumping into your neighbors. Peter relishes in the diverse architecture, speaking about studying abroad in Italy and appreciating town’s nod to Italy’s beachfront towns and upcoming stair streets and funicular. They mention the whimsical painted doors and the distinctiveness of each building, the multitude of breathtaking sunset spots, and the joy of swimming in Playa Danta. 


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However, what stands out the most is Sofia’s journey. She has slowly begun reconnecting to her Costa Rican roots, where she has not lived since she was two years old. She began to appreciate the country anew as an adult and cherished moments with her relatives who reside in Costa Rica. Their bond has grown stronger since she started visiting more frequently. 


While the pair may not yet be able to reside full-time in Las Catalinas now, they are committed to building a future and a community in town, planning to visit much more frequently. As they await the completion of their flat, they eagerly anticipate sharing the Las Catalinas experience with loved ones in Costa Rica, cherishing moments akin to their shared morning ritual of drinking fresh Costa Rican coffee while gazing out at Playa Danta. They also recall savoring every fresh fruit in the markets and enjoying the local dish gallo pinto during their Costa Rican adventures. "Having this vacation home to share with friends and family is truly transformative," Sophia explains. They look forward to hosting, and to sharing these traditions with visitors from abroad and from other parts of Costa Rica who will visit them. 


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Sofia and Peter are thrilled to be part of this new, exciting venture and look forward to being part of what they call a “cool new community designed with great planning and new urbanism that personifies the spirit of Costa Rica”. With the first phase, Beach Town, already thriving, they look forward to witnessing its continued growth and evolution over the next decade. As they discuss the plunge pool on their future deck and its ten out of ten views, the couple eagerly shares their visions for the exterior color palette of their home. Whether it's pink, yellow, or a fiery orange paired with light blue, any hue excites them as they eagerly await the next chapter of their lives together in town. Congratulations, Sophia and Peter, and welcome to Las Catalinas.




Discover more about the newly released Montaña Flats here, or arrange a one-on-one call with a member of our Residential Sales Team, who are truly experts in the properties, to address any inquiries.